About shipping and others

AstroRC’s international business has just started. We now offer the following channels to purchase our products:


All products will be on shelves and available for delivery after the Spring Festival holiday around February 16, 2024

AstrorRC official website   : astrorc.net

ASTRORC.NET only provides fast air shipping services

AliExpress official store: www.aliexpress.com/store/1102908361
Through AliExpress, we can provide better shipping rates.
ASTRORC.NET only provides fast air shipping services

TAOBAO shop:   https://shop416449840.taobao.com/


In some areas where Taobao official shipping is available (such as Southeast Asia), it is recommended to use Taobao official shipping to purchase from our Taobao store.


Due to the limited size of our operations team, there may be a delay in responses from some stores. But we will take all information and orders seriously







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